Adult Social Dance Skills and Intimacy


How is the state of your love life? Do words such as vibrant, vivacious, and satisfying come to mind? Or do terms such as lackluster, unfulfilling, and absent seem more appropriate? Are you aware there is a strong link between your performance in the ballroom and fulfillment in the bedroom as perceived by a potential mate? Adult social dance is a medium stretching across time and cultures that affords the opportunity for a prospective couple to demonstrate their physical prowess and compatibility in a tantalizing and provocative manner without crossing the boundaries of decency.

Dancing gives you the chance to experience something many of us lack in every day life—the ability to make a connection with another individual through the power of physical touch. The first time you step onto the dance floor and come together with your partner holding perfect posture with hands and feet positioned, eyes locked, waiting for the music to play can elicit racked nerves quickly set to give away to rapture and joy.

Do you find yourself isolated from others and missing that vital human contact that can elevate your spirit to such sublime realms? In your daily routine are you waiting for cosmic events such as an alignment of celestial bodies in order to facilitate the chance for you to brush against another and come alive? If you can resonate with these statements, might you consider signing up for dance lessons?

The absolute wonderful benefits of participating in adult social dance is that the stage is set for you to experience all that has been missing from your life in a non-threatening and encouraging environment. Don't let the fact that you don't already have a dancing partner lined up discourage you. In every dancing class you get the opportunity to dance with a number of different individuals and the floor is comprised of a healthy smattering of adventurous singles. Classes are structured in a way in which everyone will have chance to dance.

For couples who have weathered the years and reached a point where they could benefit from a healthy spark to rejuvenate their love lives, dancing can teach you how to appreciate your partner anew and rediscover parts of each other that have long been taken for granted.

If any of the above reasons resonate with you or if you have always desired to learn how to carry yourself with more grace, don't hesitate to contact us at the Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio for a host of lessons suited for the beginner up to the professional. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!