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The Joy of Dance is for All of Us

The Joy of Dance is for All of Us

Many forms of dance have earned popular patronage in the West, like ballet, jazz and even musical theatre. These genres emphasize the extensively trained virtuoso, the soloist, or the "star." Such talented dancers have likely studied in their discipline for their entire lives

Is There Life After "Chair Bopping?"

Is There Life After "Chair Bopping?"

It's been a typical Monday, and you're on your way home, stuck in traffic, tired and cranky. You don't think anything could improve your mood when, suddenly, "that" song comes on the radio, and it's like the outside world just disappears. The rhythm grabs you and, within seconds, you're drumming happily on the steering wheel, bouncing with the tempo, nodding along to the beat. You, my friend, are "chair bopping."

Why you, an adult man, should give Ballroom Dance a chance.

Why you, an adult man, should give Ballroom Dance a chance.

As a male, you might think that a ballroom class is the last place you would like to be. However, I encourage you to rethink this, open yourself up and give ballroom a chance. If that encouragement isn't enough for you, below I have listed three reasons why you should make ballroom a part of your routine.

Ballroom Dancing Without Legs?

If you are a fan of “Dancing With the Stars,” you have probably heard of Amy Purdy, a Paralympic bronze medalist snowboarder and double-amputee who is competing on the show this season. In the first week alone, she proved she was going to be a real competitor by tying for third place despite dancing on two prosthetic legs

Put a Spring in Your Step with Ballroom Dance Lessons

Whether your are in perfect health or getting over an illness, the American Cancer Society recognizes the value of dance therapy to relieve stress, exercise mind and body, and even increase self esteem. If you're recovering from treatment, dancing can gently work your muscles and help restore your balance and physical confidence.

Ballroom Dancing Getting Attention on the Big Screen

Dancing enthusiasts will be pleased to see that the elegant art of Ballroom dancing is being featured in more films, theater, and television.

4 Ballroom Dancing Skills Which Translate into Life Skills

With shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” people who were never interested in dancing before are being introduced to the art. As uncoordinated celebrities glide across the floor, improving each week and even starting to look less like amateurs, some people begin to think ballroom dancing looks like an enjoyable experience.

4 Reasons to Learn How to Ballroom Dance

After watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate to an amazing gold in ice dancing, you might be wondering how you can learn your own dance steps.  Although it takes years of dancing to achieve the grace and skills shown by Davis, White, and other Olympic level dancers, ballroom dancing can be an enjoyable activity once you have learned at least a few of the basic steps.

Wedding Dance Lessons for You and Your Princess

For many women, they have been planning their fairy tale wedding since they were a little girl. If you are engaged, your fiancée has found her prince. She probably has her perfect dress picked out. She has all the food perfectly planned and the guest list planned out complete with a seating arrangement. She has picked out the perfect locations for both the ceremony and the reception. There is only one thing left; she wants the perfect wedding dance

Five Ways Ballroom Dancing Lessons Can Improve Your Relationship

There's nothing quite like being in a relationship with someone you really enjoy being around. And things are only made better when you are able to share something special with that person. Learning a discipline, like ballroom dancing is the kind of activity that can really bring people together both mentally and physically. Here are five reasons

10 Reasons Men Should Take Dance Lessons

Let's face it guys, the dating scene has changed dramatically. No longer is dinner and a movie the norm. Women want to get out and be seen. If you're not willing or able to get out on the dance floor and really tear it up, women will see you as insecure. Don't be the lug, sitting at the bar all night, watching other people dance.

Adult Dance Lessons: Dance Like No One's Watching

Do you feel that you have no rhythm? Have you resigned yourself to having two left feet? Is two stepping too much? Do you dread going to weddings and other social functions where you might have to dance? Not to worry, whether you are eighteen years old or eighty-five, there is still time and plenty of opportunity to become a great dance

Social Dancing in Marlboro, New Jersey

2014 is bringing us some of the coldest weather to hit this region in almost 20 years. If you're finding it too cold (and slippery) to walk, jog, or ride your bicycle for exercise, The Quick, Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio provides social dancing in Marlboro, NJ. Our studio is warm and our spicy blend of Rumba, Salsa and Merengue music will leave you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise instead of a frozen wasteland.

Dance Lessons-A Smart Investment In Your Total Health

Ed was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury. As he recuperated at home, he needed something to do with his spare time. His physical therapist suggested that he try dance lessons. Ed's first lesson was somewhat comical as he struggled to get his feet to cooperate with the dance instructor's instructions

Resolve to Take Adult Dance Lessons in the New Year

Adult dance lessons for you at Quick Quick Slow

Adult dance lessons for you at Quick Quick Slow

It's inevitable: Every January, many people focus on new beginnings and making changes. For most of us, whether or not we believe in making resolutions, the New Year can be a turning point or a starting-over point, a chance to commit to something positive. The most popular New Year's resolutions usually have to do with getting in shape or improving one’s overall health.

Have you thought of taking adult dance lessons?

By following the flock and joining a gym, you’d probably be faced with annoying crowds and long lines of people waiting to use the machines and other fitness equipment. On the other hand, you can take ballroom dance lessons privately or in a small group, providing you with one-on-one attention.

If you want to lose weight, build strength, or boost your self-confidence, ballroom dancing is ideal. The benefits of dancing are physical, mental, emotional, and social. Dancing is a great cardio workout that also promotes flexibility and coordination. From an intellectual standpoint, learning new dance steps and routines keeps your mind engaged. Furthermore, there’s nothing more social than dancing, where you’ll meet new people and learn how to work with a partner.

We offer classes for all abilities from beginner on up to the professional level, so don’t take yourself too seriously! You’ll have fun while learning new steps and letting loose to the music. You can also attend one of our frequent studio dance parties for the opportunity to practice and socialize even more.

There’s a variety of packages to get you started, from private or group ballroom dance lessons to a friends and family session (with up to four participants) to get ready for your wedding or other special occasion. For another fun option, consider our Dancers Boot Camp dance/exercise class.

Winter can be a cold and gray season. When you take adult dance lessons, you’ll have something fun to keep you occupied. Contact us to find out how you can chase those winter blues away while also learning something new.

Ballroom Dance Studio in Marlboro NJ Can Help Achieve New Goals

As the winter months drag on it’s natural to feel a bit gloomy and lethargic. While doctors have many suggestions, a good way to cure the so called, winter blues can be to try something you’ve always wanted to but have neglected. If you’ve always dreamed of dancing, for instance, Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio Marlboro NJ can help you achieve that dream

Burn calories, get healthy with adult dance lessons

According to Diet Bites, a person weighing 150 pounds burns about 75 calories with 15 minutes of ballroom dancing. An hour of dancing uses enough energy to shed a tenth of a pound. Instead of burning calories in a gym, however, with adult dance lessons, you'll be learning a skill while having the opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Ballroom Dance Lessons

It's the gift that keeps on giving - ballroom dance lessons!

Here's why:

It’s unique. Ballroom dancing lessons are not the typical Christmas stocking stuffer. (Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa present!) They are more inspired than a tie, less calories than chocolate, more thoughtful than another sweater. You can be pretty sure that the recipient has never received a gift like this before.

Learning to Ballroom Dance Can Make You Smarter

Jean Piaget, the famous Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher said, intelligence is what we use when we don't already know what to do.

So, what does this have to do with dancing? Getting involved in activities which require instant, rapid-fire decision making helps improve our thinking, as opposed to

Dancing Through Life Lessons

Dancing Through Life Lessons

Dancing Through Life Lessons

In a small town in central PA resides a young at heart lady named Grace, who just celebrated her 101st birthday. She is known by most in her area as "Amazing Grace." Why is she so amazing? Because up until a few years ago, Grace entertained audiences everywhere with her dancing and elocution. Still bright and articulate, she fondly tells tales of dancing her way through the years, first with her sister in 1917, then with her two daughters and husband until his death in 1972, and lately with her daughter doing vaudeville type shows for local charities and community events. Up until 4 years ago, she closed every show by dancing the Charleston, much to the delight of her audience. Dancing is her legacy. She cannot separate her life memories from her dancing memories. From her first dance lesson at age 5 until today, Grace attributes her youthful attitude and good health to the joy she has received and given to others through a lifetime of entertaining and dance.

Dancing is great mind-body exercise and it's benefits can carry you through life contributing to your health in a way that is fun-not just for you but for those with whom and for whom you dance. Dance steps are like an exercise program for your brain while also improving your physical health and stamina. For the elderly who dance, circulation improves which in turn increases cognitive function and cuts down on "cross talking" in the brain that is caused by the degeneration of brain matter that occurs over time in the human brain.

According to Peak Health Advocate, "it appears that elderly people who engage in regular physical exercise experience far less of this brain cross-talk compared to sedentary seniors. In fact, on a number of measures, very active seniors seem to have brain response patterns more closely akin to young adults than their sedentary counterparts as was evident in the research study discussed here." Dancing embodies those types of movement that keep a brain healthy and young.

Everyone should, at some point during their life, take dance lessons. Like Grace discovered, they are beneficial and fun. And like her, you just may find a love that will enable you to dance through life.

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