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Ballroom Dancing As An Alternative To Couple's Therapy

Ballroom Dancing As An Alternative To Couple's Therapy

One terrific way to help reignite the spark and improve the communication in your love life is ballroom dancing. According to Hitched Magazine, dancing can help to create or improve intimacy. They even tout dancing as the "new form of couple's therapy." But how can something so seemingly simple be powerful enough to save a rocky relationship?

Ballroom Dancing Like You Just Don't Care

Recently, a couple was caught on video ballroom dancing along a United Kingdom beach for over an hour, seemingly unaware of the waves crashing near them and not allowing the rain to destroy their dance practice. According to Carrie McCabe, the woman video taping the couple, they did a variety of dance moves including twirls, lifts, and the tango.

Adult Dance Lessons: Dance Like No One's Watching

Do you feel that you have no rhythm? Have you resigned yourself to having two left feet? Is two stepping too much? Do you dread going to weddings and other social functions where you might have to dance? Not to worry, whether you are eighteen years old or eighty-five, there is still time and plenty of opportunity to become a great dance

Social Ballroom Dancing For The Body, Mind, and Spirit

Have you ever wanted to learn to waltz, salsa, tango, or swing? Do you think you have two left feet? Do you feel afraid or embarrassed that you are just not that good enough? Believe it or not everyone can dance