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Adult Social Dance Skills and Intimacy

Adult Social Dance Skills and Intimacy

How is the state of your love life? Do words such as vibrant, vivacious, and satisfying come to mind? Or do terms such as lackluster, unfulfilling, and absent seem more appropriate? Are you aware there is a strong link between your performance in the ballroom and fulfillment in the bedroom as perceived by a potential mate? Adult social dance is a medium stretching across time and cultures that affords the opportunity for

Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing Revives and Reinvents a Ballroom Dancing Favorite

This past week, tickets officially went on sale for Lincoln Center’s annual Midsummer Night Swing.  Every year, dancers from across the country travel to Manhattan to take part in this dance celebration that includes workshops, performances and, of course, multiple chances to dance the night away.

Social Dancing in Marlboro, New Jersey

2014 is bringing us some of the coldest weather to hit this region in almost 20 years. If you're finding it too cold (and slippery) to walk, jog, or ride your bicycle for exercise, The Quick, Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio provides social dancing in Marlboro, NJ. Our studio is warm and our spicy blend of Rumba, Salsa and Merengue music will leave you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise instead of a frozen wasteland.

Skeletons, Monsters, and Zombies: Dancing with Halloween's Stars

Halloween has arrived a little bit early this year at the Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio. We've got skeletons trying to learn the foxtrot, ghosts attempting to tango, and Frankenstein lumbering his way through the salsa. Zombies and vampires are wandering around looking for people to feed on, and witches are brewing potions we'd rather not talk about.

Unlock Your Hidden Talent with Ballroom Dancing Lessons

In the last few years, ballroom dancing has experienced a resurgence in popularity, from major motion pictures to reality TV programs where we watch celebrities learn how to move their feet and wow the audience with their dance moves. Have you ever watched and wondered "How do people even move like that?"

Make Ballroom Dancing Lessons FUN

Do you have a wedding or special occassion coming up?  Are you looking to learn a new dance or to simply exercise in a fun, energizing way?  Ballroom Dancing Lessons may be just what you've been looking for!

Social Ballroom Dancing For The Body, Mind, and Spirit

Have you ever wanted to learn to waltz, salsa, tango, or swing? Do you think you have two left feet? Do you feel afraid or embarrassed that you are just not that good enough? Believe it or not everyone can dance