4 Key Health Benefits of Social Dancing


4 Key Health Benefits of Social Dancing

As if there weren't already enough reasons to kick up your heels and dance... There are also numerous health benefits to social dancing  regularly. Here are four of the top health reasons to get started with social dancing and keep going with it:

1. Better Physical Fitness

Regular social dancing can improve both your muscular and cardiovascular health. You'll tone up, have more stamina, and enjoy better lung capacity, circulation and joint health.

2. Improved Coordination and Motor Skills

Dancing uses movements and neural connections in the brain that are different from just about anything else you do throughout your day. Regular social dancing will help you to have improved reflexes, better hand-eye coordination and more agility. You'll also have stronger stabilizer muscles from regular dancing, which will improve your posture while both sitting and standing.

3. Lowered Stress Levels

Nothing gets positive brain and blood chemistry flowing quite like dancing. It inspires joy and well-being in both those who engage in it and those watching the dance. Stress is one of the prime factors that can lead to illnesses, but when you're dancing, all of your stress seems to melt away. 

4. A Larger, More Diverse Social Circle

When you social dance, you naturally meet new people in a fun and stimulating setting. Studies have shown that the more social we are, the more physically and mentally healthy we tend to be.

If you're ready to experience all the fun, excitement and invigorating health benefits of social dancing, contact us today. We'll get you started with a program that's just right for you.