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Avoiding the "Protest Polka" - Rekindle Your Romance With Dance

Avoiding the "Protest Polka" - Rekindle Your Romance With Dance

You and your partner have been together for several years now and, though there is no doubt you still love each other, it's starting to feel like you're in a rut. Your intimacy is dwindling off, your interactions are mainly about the kids, your jobs, and other countless day-to-day issues

Did You Know About the Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing?

Did You Know About the Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing?

For some people, watching a dancing reality show like "So You Think You Can Dance" or "Dancing with the Stars" is the closest they get to dance. But what they don't realize is dancing is an activity that doesn't have to be out of reach. You don't have to be in great shape

Ballroom Dancing - More Than Just a Workout

Ballroom Dancing - More Than Just a Workout

Ballroom dancing is a great way to workout. It can be a good cardio workout. It helps with strength and flexibility. Dancing can also help improve both your balance and your memory. While these benefits are great, ballroom dancing can offer you so much more

Ballroom Dancing, Better Medicine than Laughing

Ballroom Dancing, Better Medicine than Laughing

We all want to be better, more effective adults, and invest time and research into finding the right activities to develop skills and strengths. From language learning to sports, to painting and drama, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from

Dancing Your Way to Connectedness

Dancing Your Way to Connectedness

Alienation is "the state or experience of feeling isolated, detached, separated, divided, cut off", the sensation of being out of sync with the reality around us, something all of us have felt at one time or another, and increasingly so in the individualistic, ego-driven society we live in today. Now close your eyes for a moment and try to remember the last time you danced

Why you, an adult man, should give Ballroom Dance a chance.

Why you, an adult man, should give Ballroom Dance a chance.

As a male, you might think that a ballroom class is the last place you would like to be. However, I encourage you to rethink this, open yourself up and give ballroom a chance. If that encouragement isn't enough for you, below I have listed three reasons why you should make ballroom a part of your routine.

Take Ballroom Dancing to Achieve Physical activity, self esteem, and wellness

If there's one exercise that can keep you mentally and physically fit, it's Ballroom Dancing. Physical activity, self esteem, and wellness can all be achieved by grabbing a friend and dancing. The latest dance steps today

Three Reasons That Ballroom Dance Lessons Are Preferable to the Gym

Attention, ladies! Do you have certain fitness goals that you would like to reach this year? With 2014 more than half over, it's a great time to perform an assessment of how you're doing with any New Year's resolutions or general plans that you've made. You might also be looking for a cool new way to get in shape or to maintain your current fitness level.

Five Ways That Ballroom Dancing Can Reduce Your Stress

In today’s fast-paced, busy world there are many things that can cause us stress: work, family, money or emergencies just to name a few. However, before your health is influenced by the negative effects of stress, you must learn to relax and let it all go. There are numerous ways to reduce your stress—but none are as enjoyable and expressive as ballroom dancing.

Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing Revives and Reinvents a Ballroom Dancing Favorite

This past week, tickets officially went on sale for Lincoln Center’s annual Midsummer Night Swing.  Every year, dancers from across the country travel to Manhattan to take part in this dance celebration that includes workshops, performances and, of course, multiple chances to dance the night away.

Dance - No Excuses!

Why is it that most people quit exercising?   For every excuse, we'll give you a reason why dancing is the answer.  

  • First thing: Time.  There's not enough of it.  How is it possible to squeeze another thing into an already over-extended schedule?...

Research Studies Reveals Ballroom Dancing Reduces Risk of Dementia

Currently, there are 5.4 million people in America with Alzheimer's.  With one in eight seniors predicted to develop the disease, those numbers could explode as lifespans lengthen.  Could ballroom dancing be the key to decreasing those numbers?  

Social Dancing in Marlboro, NJ Pays Homage to Past Art Forms

Even though the exact origins of dance have been lost to time, humanity's celebrations, relationships, hopes, and even fears have been immortalized in this highly kinesthetic art form. Unlike paint, marble, or clay though, dance is one of the few artistic forms that creates its expression from living individuals.

Ballroom Dance Lessons to Bring Peace

For many people, ballroom dancing might simply be a great form of exercise, a fun way to spend an afternoon, or a great excuse to laugh at their favorite celebrities, but for one man, dancing mean so much more. Pierre Dulaine left Jaffa, Israel as a small boy, but when he returned in 2011, he returned with a plan

Double-amputees and blind man show off ballroom dancing skills on Brtiain's version of "Dancing with the Stars"

Okay, everyone, no more excuses -- if these ladies and gentlemen can learn ballroom dancing, you can too. During an annual charity episode of the British TV show "Strictly Come Dancing," four paraolympians paired with professional ballroom dance partners and took to the stage. Double amputees Nathan Stephens, Hannah Cockroft and Martine Wright joined blind soccer player David Clarke onstage to compete in

Ballroom Dancing Without Legs?

If you are a fan of “Dancing With the Stars,” you have probably heard of Amy Purdy, a Paralympic bronze medalist snowboarder and double-amputee who is competing on the show this season. In the first week alone, she proved she was going to be a real competitor by tying for third place despite dancing on two prosthetic legs

4 Reasons to Learn How to Ballroom Dance

After watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White skate to an amazing gold in ice dancing, you might be wondering how you can learn your own dance steps.  Although it takes years of dancing to achieve the grace and skills shown by Davis, White, and other Olympic level dancers, ballroom dancing can be an enjoyable activity once you have learned at least a few of the basic steps.

Five Ways Ballroom Dancing Lessons Can Improve Your Relationship

There's nothing quite like being in a relationship with someone you really enjoy being around. And things are only made better when you are able to share something special with that person. Learning a discipline, like ballroom dancing is the kind of activity that can really bring people together both mentally and physically. Here are five reasons

10 Reasons Men Should Take Dance Lessons

Let's face it guys, the dating scene has changed dramatically. No longer is dinner and a movie the norm. Women want to get out and be seen. If you're not willing or able to get out on the dance floor and really tear it up, women will see you as insecure. Don't be the lug, sitting at the bar all night, watching other people dance.

Dance Lessons-A Smart Investment In Your Total Health

Ed was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury. As he recuperated at home, he needed something to do with his spare time. His physical therapist suggested that he try dance lessons. Ed's first lesson was somewhat comical as he struggled to get his feet to cooperate with the dance instructor's instructions