Ballroom Dancing, Better Medicine than Laughing

Twirl. Woman in a dress doing a spin in a dance studio

Ballroom Dancing, Better Medicine than Laughing

We all want to be better, more effective adults, and invest time and research into finding the right activities to develop skills and strengths. From language learning to sports, to painting and drama, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from. This article focuses on why dancing is a great choice and the many benefits it entails.

Fit and fun:

Dancing not only provides the perfect workout, toning muscles and improving their body posture, it is also much more interactive, dynamic and enjoyable than regular sports, thereby allowing us to socialize in a fun way while getting fit.

Move with the groove:

Apart from having a good time, we will be developing musical abilities in a natural and effective way, without even being aware of it! Learning to feel the beat and move to the music within a group will provide a perfect way to spend time in the world of music.

Brain game:

Remembering dance steps and syncing movement with others is a great form of exercise for the mind, resulting in better memory and refined coordination skills, as well as an increased development of cognitive abilities. Far from the intellectual effort needed during a math class, dancing allows us to train our brains in a relaxing and pleasant way!

Improved work productivity:

Focusing on body movement and rhythm enhances abilities such as concentration, reading and writing. People who are physically fit have been scientifically shown to get better work results.

Good mood:

Some dance steps and choreographies would seem impossible to perform without a smile across your face! Dancing releases endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for making us feel happy and high.

I love me to:

Dancing increases self-esteem and makes us feel better about ourselves and our bodies, making us more happy and sociable. Those who have a higher sense of self-worth are better prepared to cope with stress and anxiety by shaking off worries and dancing.

 Sleep with a capital S:

Like other forms of sport, dancing does wonders for those who can't sleep well through the night. Almost 90% of people who do some kind of physical exercise say they sleep well (only half of those who don't do physical exercise say they sleep well).

Wanna dance?

Get together with family, friends, or complete strangers (who will soon become friends) for some real bonding and joyful experiences. Turn on the music and dance!

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