Two Left Feet: Dismantling the Myth

Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet

Two Left Feet: Dismantling the Myth

You've probably heard the well-known idiom that suggests a poor dancer has "two left feet". It's become a staple of the English language, conjuring pictures of awkward, graceless, and otherwise inelegant dancers in an instant. More often than not it's used in a self-deprecating manner or by those too shy or scared to put themselves out there on the dance floor. Despite the phrase's prevalence, we at Quick Quick Slow believe that anybody can be taught to dance. Certainly there are varying levels of expertise and not everyone is gifted with perfect rhythm, but at its core dance is about having fun and simply knowing your right foot from your left.

That being said, here are a few tips to help you overcome your belief in the myth of having "two left feet".

  • Believe in your ability.

Rather than relegating yourself to being a wallflower, take a chance and try. The first step to improving your dancing is to take the initiative to overcome fear or shyness or apathy.

  • Find the right teacher for you. 

Look for a teacher who helps you focus on what you're good at. Showcasing your strengths is a big part of dancing so don't dwell on a few steps you're afraid you can't master. With time and practice they may come much easier! 

  • Hone your signature moves.

Dancing is as easy as having a handful of interchangeable moves in your back pocket. Work on mastering a few basics and drill them to different songs, discovering what works together and what doesn't.  

  • Practice, practice, practice! 

You'd be amazed at the progress you can make in just a few classes and a couple of living room dance parties. As with most things in life, dance is a learned skill and not an inherent trait.    

Remember, in the end it's not a matter of can't dance, it's a matter of won't or haven't tried. Having a natural gift for dance is rare and beautiful, but most people require training to get to a place where they feel comfortable dancing. 

If you're interested in tackling ballroom dancing, please feel free to contact us to learn more about our group and private lessons. We'll help you find confidence so you can shine on the dance floor.