Ballroom Dancing Like You Just Don't Care

Recently, a couple was caught on video ballroom dancing along a United Kingdom beach for over an hour, seemingly unaware of the waves crashing near them and not allowing the rain to destroy their dance practice. According to Carrie McCabe, the woman video taping the couple, they did a variety of dance moves including twirls, lifts, and the tango. They even brought along their own music. McCabe said of the experience:

They were out there for more than an hour- it was mesmerizing. What made it better is that they're actually really good dancers. I'm a bit jealous, actually.

Although the mysterious couple probably had not idea anyone was filming them, they must have realized at least someone would see their dance routine. If, like many people, you are self-conscious about things like people seeing you dancing in public, you might be wondering how you can gain the same level of confidence as this couple.  

If you want to gain the confidence and skills to ballroom dance like you just don't care what other people think of you, contact us. Whether you want to take dance lessons alone, with your significant other, or with a group of friends, at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio, we can help you learn a variety of ballroom dance steps. Your dance lessons will be adapted depending upon what dance steps and styles you want to learn and your dance skill level. We even have opportunities for you to implement those skills in a practice dance party, where you will be able to socialize with others who are also taking dance lessons. You will not have to be the couple dancing a rumba on the waterfront alone right away.