Ballroom Dancing As An Alternative To Couple's Therapy

Dancing Couple. Adult couple dancing as a form of therapy.

Ballroom Dancing As An Alternative To Couple's Therapy

When two people have been together for years the relationship will slowly start to fizzle down. This is a very natural process called "getting comfortable" with one another, but for some couples it spells disaster. Arguments over insignificant things take over the time once spent talking about their days and going to sleep angry replaces cuddling.

While many contemplate ending their relationships at this point, it really is not necessary in most cases. What has happened is that the couple has become overly comfortable with one another and hit one of the numerous downs that will come between the ups in their relationship.

Reigniting The Spark

One terrific way to help reignite the spark and improve the communication in your love life is ballroom dancing. According to Hitched Magazine, dancing can help to create or improve intimacy. They even tout dancing as the "new form of couple's therapy." But how can something so seemingly simple be powerful enough to save a rocky relationship?

Dancing requires two things that are important in any romantic partnership. The first is cooperation, and the second is role understanding.


Cooperation in ballroom dance is necessary as the two people must be in rhythm. They must understand the steps, know where their partner is moving, and move as one unit. This is accomplished through communication - the most important of all traits in a romantic relationship.

Live About tells us that dancing allows two people to focus solely on one another for extended periods of time. The eyes must meet, and the bodies will be in touch for periods longer than a quick hug. This improves cooperation, and in turn, communication.

Role Understanding

Role understanding should not be confused with the idea that one gender is more or less than another. Instead, this simply means understanding your own place on both the dance floor and in the relationship. While equal in most things, there tends to be a more dominant partner and a more submissive one. This is normal, healthy, and does not always have to follow the typical male dominant/female submissive. It can be the exact opposite. Dancing can help partners find their role in the relationship once more.

The accumulative benefits of the lessons learned on the dance floor can lead to more passion, improved sex life, greater energy levels, and the ability for couples to fall in love all over again. A few dance lessons together could be the difference between calling it quits and giving it another go.

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