What to expect when taking Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons. Couple practicing dance moves for their wedding.

What to expect when taking Wedding Dance Lessons

Preparation for your wedding can seem endless. When taking wedding dance lessons, the experience should be as stress free as possible. Here is a sequence of notable methods for making your wedding dance the memory it deserves to be. The following questions will serve as a good starting point for what is needed before instruction begins. This will give the couple piece of mind when preparing for their big day.

What is your song?

Pick a song that means something to the both of you. We will determine what dance it is. Since a lot of popular wedding songs are slow dances, people often assume that it is automatically a waltz. This is not always the case, and our teachers are more than able to categorize any piece of music that a couple brings in.

How long is the song?

You will want to pay attention to the length of the song. Since most songs are 3-4 minutes long, you will want to use an entrance, body, and conclusive exit that will eat up a lot of time. The DJ is very instrumental in controlling the timing of the music. Make sure to signal the start of the track, and make sure that the DJ fades out when you are ready. 

How big is the dance floor?

The size of the dance floor is a crucial part of envisioning the space that the wedding dance will take. This information is important for a teacher to block the dance to please all audiences. 

Where is your audience/DJ/Band?

It may be necessary to know how many sides of audience your room will have. For example, many weddings have three sides of audience with a DJ on the fourth side of the ballroom. You will not want the wedding dance to be going towards one wall and/or the DJ only. Other veniews offer audience on two sides across from one another, and the DJ across from a bar, buffet or food table. This would change the direction and overall look of the dance.

What shoes will you be wearing?

You may not want to dirty up the bride's new pair of heels, but find something similar. It will be necessary to wear similar shoes as the ones you will be dancing in on that special day. This is necessary not only to avoid aches and pains that could occur on the day, but also learning how to walk and even dance in unfamiliar shoes. 

Knowing the answers to these questions can make your wedding dance lesson sail as smooth as silk. Contact us today to schedule your private lesson!