The Joy of Dance is for All of Us

Dancing is for Everyone! The Joy of Dance is for All of Us - Business man with briefcase dancing

The Joy of Dance is for All of Us

"I wish I had learned to dance when I had the chance"

Many forms of dance have earned popular patronage in the West, like ballet, jazz and even musical theatre. These genres emphasize the extensively trained virtuoso, the soloist, or the "star." Such talented dancers have likely studied in their discipline for their entire lives - and they are certainly the lucky ones.

Of course, these gifted performers have earned full rights to their glory, and the reasons are clear. But what message does this tradition of exclusivity send to the rest of us? One message could be that dance is really only for some, for a chosen few. Another message, unfortunately, is that there's an expiration date on our ability to dance.

We hold a collective belief that a professional dancer must retire by age 35.

This belief can be alienating to those of us who desire to break the mold and learn to dance after graduation into adulthood. Although a fallacy, it is believed by many that learning to dance is completely out of reach once one has passed a certain time in their life.

Dancing is for everyone!

Some of us have a little secret we'd like to share: the magic of ballroom dance! A social dance with many styles to explore, ballroom focuses on the individual, the partnership and the group as a whole.

From the Viennese Waltz to the Argentine Tango, ballroom dance is for everyone. Come take a class, a lesson, or join a social dance and see! While our studio is for grown-ups, we've made a place where we all get to be a kid again. Because to dance is to laugh, learn, and have fun!

Not only does ballroom dance focus primarily on partner dancing, but it's a social dance accessible to everyone - even to those of different abilities. By coming together as a group at your regular social dance, we build partnerships, friendships and community, and the world comes that much closer together.

Here at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all. You can learn to dance and have fun doing any stage of life!

So join us, and bring your friends to the next Quick Quick Slow social dance!

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