10 Reasons Men Should Take Dance Lessons

Why men should take dance lessons

Why men should take dance lessons

#1 ~ It's FUN!

Where else do you get to listen to wonderful music and learn to move like water. Certainly not the gym!

#2 ~ It shows confidence.

Let's face it guys, the dating scene has changed dramatically. No longer is dinner and a movie the norm. Women want to get out and be seen. If you're not willing or able to get out on the dance floor and really tear it up, women will see you as insecure. Don't be the lug, sitting at the bar all night, watching other people dance.

#3 ~ It opens up more social opportunities.

Most men don't dance. This gives you an advantage on the dating scene. While other guys are huddled together across the room, you will be getting seen and asked to dance!

#4 ~ It's the ultimate pick up line.

No need to come across with clumsy one liners when approaching a woman. Just ask her to dance. This is the best ice breaker. No need to get into introductions right off the bat, no need to chit chat, just dance for awhile. Let her see how comfortable you are on the dance floor. It will impress her.

#5 ~ It gives you a romantic advantage.

While other guys are taking her to play pool, you will be taking her to a romantic dinner then Ballroom Dancing. Women want romance, guys.

#6 ~ It gives you flexibility for future dates.

Instead of the same old dinner out, take her to dance lessons. You will have fun learning new steps together and make a closer bond.

#7 ~ Dance is a great way to get or stay in shape.

Going to a gym is fine, but it doesn't teach you the fluidity and grace that dance does.

#8 ~ People will search you out for their parties and weddings.

Men who dance well are always wanted at parties or weddings. Even if not in a dating sense, mothers, aunts, even grandmothers want to be twirled around the dance floor by a strong, confident man.

#9 ~ Dancing is something you never forget how to do.

It's like riding a bike. Once you have learned a few dances, you can take it anywhere, for the rest of your life.

#10 ~ Your wedding.

Once you have met the women of your dreams, you will want to sweep her off her feet on her special day!

Men, if you want to find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with, get dancing!

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