Wedding Dance Preparation

The First Moves You'll Make as Husband and Wife

The First Moves You'll Make as Husband and Wife

So you've taken the first step and found the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Now the next step you take, should be on the dance floor. Not to revamp old school moves like the sprinkler and running man; those are great as your wedding night progresses, but for your first dance, it's time to bring out the professionals. The professionals of the elegance and style of ballroom dancing.

Smaller, Casual Wedding Dance Ideas

Smaller, Casual Wedding Dance Ideas

Are you planning a smaller, casual wedding, and wondering how to still have a romantic dance? These ideas might help you plan the perfect wedding dance while staying true to your theme of keeping things simple.

Prepare for a Wedding By Taking Wedding Dance Lessons

Prepare for a Wedding By Taking Wedding Dance Lessons

Most wedding receptions include dancing. But if you don’t know how to dance, you can miss out on the fun or feel embarrassed about your lack of dancing skills. If you don’t know how to dance, why not consider taking wedding dance lessons.

Prepare for that Special Day with Wedding Dance Lessons

A beautiful ceremony, a lovely toast, delicious food, and enjoyable company, all of that can seem to get lost in the frequent anxiety a couple face when they are staring down the horror that is the first dance.

Ballroom Dancing Decoded: What the Couple's First Dance Reveals About Them

The first dance between the bride and groom is one of the most memorable events of the wedding reception. It reflects not only the journey of their relationship but it also reveals their hopes for the marriage itself. However, creating a memorable dance to convey all these nuances goes beyond merely picking the right song.

Put Some "Spring" in Your Step With Wedding Dance Lessons

Ladies and gentlemen, the spring wedding season is upon us. Traditionally, music and dancing play a starring role in most weddings. Couples choose meaningful, sentimental pieces for their ceremonies and, whether they hire a live band or a DJ, they usually want reception music that reflects their personalities.

Wedding Dance Lessons for You and Your Princess

For many women, they have been planning their fairy tale wedding since they were a little girl. If you are engaged, your fiancée has found her prince. She probably has her perfect dress picked out. She has all the food perfectly planned and the guest list planned out complete with a seating arrangement. She has picked out the perfect locations for both the ceremony and the reception. There is only one thing left; she wants the perfect wedding dance

Wedding Dance Lessons - Are You Up To Date?

Your daughter is getting married this spring!!!

You know, as her Father, you will be expected to dance with her and right after her big dance, with her new Husband. Can you stack up?

You may want to get in a few wedding dance lessons, at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio, just to be sure you're as light on your feet as you used to be!