Get Your Wedding Guests Dancing!


Do you want your guests dancing the night(or day) away? You want your guests to enjoy themselves and of course, you want to have a great wedding day. So enjoy these tips and have a ball! Here are some great ways to get your party started and your wedding guests dancing:

Mix it up!

Play different genres of music and make sure the playlist has something for everyone, fast or slow, old and young, and most importantly, something that they can dance to.

Dance yourself

If you want your guests on the floor, then you need to be dancing too! Even if you can't dance, you can sure have fun trying. Your guests will gravitate to the bride and groom. Soon all of your guests will be off their seats and dancing along with you.

Dance with your guests

You can also invite your guests to dance with you. They probably won't say no. It will certainly get people on the dance floor. "Hey Aunt Suzy, come dance with your favorite nephew." "Grandpa Joe, I saved this dance for you." How can your guests resist?

Line dances

A few popular line dances should get people up and moving Some suggestions are the Macarena, Electric Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, Chacha Slideand even the Chicken Dance. You will find that everyone from seniors to toddlers will be trying to mimic the moves. It is so much fun!

Song requests

Give your dj a few time frames where he can play song requests. Ask guests for their requests and play the most popular ones. This will get some of the guests dancing. When folks are having fun, others will join in. 

Wedding party

Have a wedding party dance, and part of the way through invite all guests to come up and dance.

Special dance

Ask everyone with an anniversary that month, or a birthday, or all single or all married people to come out to the dance floor, and then play a fun song to get things started. 

Wedding dance lessons for members of the wedding party or bride and groom

Plan a knockout first dance, wedding party dance or mother/son, daughter/dad dance with some help from QuickQuick Slow.