Dancing Makes You A Player, But Not How You Think

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If you're looking to invigorate your social calendar or ignite your imagination, you could benefit from being a player. We're not advocating that you practice a fake smile or schmoozy lines, but we do know learning new moves will spice things up! It's a well-documented fact that adults who play are healthier, happier, and more creative than those who don't. (And most adults don't, so you'll be ahead of the game.)


Adults who play are healthier, happier, and more creative.

While being a "player" isn't a true form of play, there are many different play types. In Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, Stuart Brown, MD outlines eight main ways to play:


  • The Joker - pranks rule supreme here

  • The Kinesthete - your body's got to move

  • The Explorer - the new and novel lights you up

  • The Competitor - you find a way to win or lose in everything

  • The Director - organizing makes you shine

  • The Collector - you enjoy the hunt and the find

  • The Artist/Creator - making something new is your jam

  • The Storyteller - you love crafting tales by the campfire


The dance floor is a perfect environment for play because dancing incorporates multiple play types. Dancing fuels those who play through movement, the Kinesthete, but it also taps into the needs of the Explorer, the Competitor, and the Artist/Creator. While lessons start with basic steps and well-known dances, there's always something new. And adding your own personal flair creates endless possibilities on the dance floor. There's something for the Director, the Storyteller, and the Collector as well. (We promise our instructors aren't Jokers, but there's even room for that too!)


Become a Player in the best sense of the word!

No matter what your play type, dancing allows you to indulge your creative need for play. Both your body and mind will be happier, healthier, and more creative. Best of all, it's fun! Come in for a lesson to explore the possibilities and become a player in the best sense of the word. Contact us here!