Ballroom Lessons

So You Think You CAN'T Dance...

So You Think You CAN'T Dance...

Dance lessons. Two words that were previously not in your vocabulary. You consider yourself "rhythmically challenged". You were born with "two left feet". Enter a hundred other expressions, *cough* excuses *cough*, for the general idea that you think you can't dance. Well...good news: You CAN dance!

Ballroom Dancing: A Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Ballroom Dancing: A Perfect Mother's Day Gift

This year, show Mom how much you really appreciate her by giving her the fun and unique gift of ballroom dancing lessons? What better way for her to unwind, spend some intimate time with Dad or her friends, and have fun learning a new skill. Plus, we all know most women love dancing!

It's Never Too Late: Ballroom Dancing is for Everyone

It's Never Too Late: Ballroom Dancing is for Everyone

You're not alone. Many adults are now taking up ballroom dancing even well into retirement age so you won't be the only one in your class.

4 Perfect Opportunities to Book Private Group Ballroom Dance Lessons

4 Perfect Opportunities to Book Private Group Ballroom Dance Lessons

If there's a big event coming up in your life, and you want to make the most of it, what better way to celebrate than with private group ballroom dance lessons for the people closest to you?

3 Reasons Ballroom Dancing Lessons are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

3 Reasons Ballroom Dancing Lessons are the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, romance is in the air... and a lot of couples are trying to figure out what to get their partners to really show how much they care. The best gift to get your significant other this Valentine's Day is ballroom dance lessons.

Ballroom Dance Lessons to Bring Peace

For many people, ballroom dancing might simply be a great form of exercise, a fun way to spend an afternoon, or a great excuse to laugh at their favorite celebrities, but for one man, dancing mean so much more. Pierre Dulaine left Jaffa, Israel as a small boy, but when he returned in 2011, he returned with a plan

Social Dancing in Marlboro, New Jersey

2014 is bringing us some of the coldest weather to hit this region in almost 20 years. If you're finding it too cold (and slippery) to walk, jog, or ride your bicycle for exercise, The Quick, Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio provides social dancing in Marlboro, NJ. Our studio is warm and our spicy blend of Rumba, Salsa and Merengue music will leave you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise instead of a frozen wasteland.

Dance Lessons-A Smart Investment In Your Total Health

Ed was in a car accident and suffered a brain injury. As he recuperated at home, he needed something to do with his spare time. His physical therapist suggested that he try dance lessons. Ed's first lesson was somewhat comical as he struggled to get his feet to cooperate with the dance instructor's instructions

Resolve to Take Adult Dance Lessons in the New Year

Adult dance lessons for you at Quick Quick Slow

Adult dance lessons for you at Quick Quick Slow

It's inevitable: Every January, many people focus on new beginnings and making changes. For most of us, whether or not we believe in making resolutions, the New Year can be a turning point or a starting-over point, a chance to commit to something positive. The most popular New Year's resolutions usually have to do with getting in shape or improving one’s overall health.

Have you thought of taking adult dance lessons?

By following the flock and joining a gym, you’d probably be faced with annoying crowds and long lines of people waiting to use the machines and other fitness equipment. On the other hand, you can take ballroom dance lessons privately or in a small group, providing you with one-on-one attention.

If you want to lose weight, build strength, or boost your self-confidence, ballroom dancing is ideal. The benefits of dancing are physical, mental, emotional, and social. Dancing is a great cardio workout that also promotes flexibility and coordination. From an intellectual standpoint, learning new dance steps and routines keeps your mind engaged. Furthermore, there’s nothing more social than dancing, where you’ll meet new people and learn how to work with a partner.

We offer classes for all abilities from beginner on up to the professional level, so don’t take yourself too seriously! You’ll have fun while learning new steps and letting loose to the music. You can also attend one of our frequent studio dance parties for the opportunity to practice and socialize even more.

There’s a variety of packages to get you started, from private or group ballroom dance lessons to a friends and family session (with up to four participants) to get ready for your wedding or other special occasion. For another fun option, consider our Dancers Boot Camp dance/exercise class.

Winter can be a cold and gray season. When you take adult dance lessons, you’ll have something fun to keep you occupied. Contact us to find out how you can chase those winter blues away while also learning something new.

Learning to Ballroom Dance Can Make You Smarter

Jean Piaget, the famous Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher said, intelligence is what we use when we don't already know what to do.

So, what does this have to do with dancing? Getting involved in activities which require instant, rapid-fire decision making helps improve our thinking, as opposed to

Dance lessons: the fun way to fight holiday weight gain!

It is that time of year again... Time for holiday parties at work, mom's delicious carb-heavy meals, cookie decorating and gingerbread house building, and pies. Oh, so many pies! Of course, the downside of all this holiday goodness is that many of us get an unwanted gift at this time of year: weight gain.

A Thankful Gift: Dancing With The Family (and Friends) on Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving instead of just gathering around the dinner table, invite your family and friends to join in a dance event. Social dancing will get them up and on there feet; no matter what age group they are in, they will enjoy dancing while getting getting a good workout at the same time. I mean this is the holiday for thanks

Lessons in Ballroom Dancing Can Help to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

According to a recent National Institute on Aging funded study, featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, regular dancing is one of the most effective ways to combat the mental aging process; in addition to the obvious physical and heart health benefits it provides.