So You Think You CAN'T Dance...


Dance lessons. Two words that were previously not in your vocabulary. You consider yourself "rhythmically challenged". You were born with "two left feet". Enter a hundred other expressions, *cough* excuses *cough*, for the general idea that you think you can't dance. Well...good news:


You CAN dance!


Though rhythm comes naturally to most people, it is usually other things that plague those that feel they do not have it. Confidence is the number one reason people feel that they cannot dance. Dancing like no one is watching is awfully hard when you are in a room full of people watching. However, if you took the time to watch them, you would see that others struggle with steps too. As with all things, practice makes...well...better. At a dance class, though public, you are surrounded by others who are learning to dance, like you, and everyone is focused on learning their own steps. 


You learned to walk. You learned to run. You can learn to dance. 


While growing up, we each developed certain ways of moving our bodies. This is called muscle memory. At first, it may feel difficult and strange, even foreign, to make your body move in a different way then it is used to. However, with time and repetition, much like walking, your body will commit these movements to muscle memory and you'll be doing them without thinking. Be patient. Take your time. Embrace your mistakes and use them as fuel to keep trying. 


Start simple.


With dance, you can start simple. The Waltz is among one of the 6 easiest ballroom dances to learn and learning it can even make you look and feel sexier! Quick Quick Slow offers several different packages for dancers of all abilities. Here we help people make a great improvement in their dancing, quickly and easily, while having fun!


Start now. 


You can dance. Let us show you how. They say, "there's no time like the present". So, contact us to get started now!