How Ballroom Dance Lessons Prepare You for Marriage


Learning how to dance can have a lifelong impact on your marriage. As ballroom dancing has become much less prominent in our society, the contribution that it makes to lasting marriages has also declined. Couples are much less in tune with each other's body language, they don't spend as much time making physical contact, and they struggle when facing obstacles. Of course being proficient in these relationship skills isn't unique to dancing, but here are 3 ways learning to ballroom dance together can strengthen those areas of your marriage.

Better Communication

Ballroom dancing is like a language. Traditionally, the man leads and woman follows, however, that doesn't mean that the woman doesn't get to make any decisions about the dance, but rather it means that a physical connection is established where both people have to understand each other, support each other, and trust each other as they move along the floor. This is similar to marriage. At any given point one person might be more skilled in an area than the other (expressing feelings, for example), but there is an expectation of the more skilled person to be patient with the other during their growth. Dancing helps to build those skills, as both people meet each other where they are and move forward together. 

More Physical Contact

Sometimes married couples go through emotional challenges and times of misunderstanding. This can often lead to less physical affection in the relationship. Sometimes the best thing to do to nurture the emotional frustrations is to reestablish the physical connection, as being physically intimate makes people feel more strongly towards each other. Ballroom dancing is a great way to reestablish that physical connection and get the pheromones interacting again! 

Overcoming Obstacles

There is no doubt in a marriage that there will be obstacles, and they won't always be easy to overcome. Sometimes you will feel like giving up, so the more practice you have in sticking with it until you overcome it as a team the more successful your marriage will be. Learning ballroom dance will be a fun, healthy way for you to overcome obstacles together, and see measurable progress and success as you move forward. 

Ballroom dance classes are a wonderful activity to do in preparation for your wedding because they bring you closer together, and you get to show off your new skills to your wedding guests. We encourage you to contact us and look forward to helping you and your future spouse make incredible memories and moves together!