Ways Ballroom Dancing Makes You More Sexy


Any woman who has experienced the exhilaration of being held in a pair of strong arms and dipped low whilst gazing into the eyes of their partner knows that a man who can dance is sexy. However, the images that come to mind at the mention of ballroom dancing usually consist of stuffy formal parties, highly choreographed competitions, and women in leotards flitting across a stage - not very flattering stereotypes for a man who seeks to impress.

However, before you make your significant other drag you kicking and screaming to that ballroom dance class they've been dying to attend with you, maybe you should consider how ballroom dancing can enhance your sex appeal. Here are a few of the many sexy traits that you can enhance by spending some time on the dance floor.


In order to dip, lift, and properly guide your partner across the floor, you will need to be fit and muscular. There are few things sexier than a man who has muscles and knows how to use them - to twirl their partner across the dance floor, of course.


A man who can dance is a rare find. If you casually rock the dance floor with professional looking moves, women will wonder where you came from and what else you're capable of. Mastering your moves on the floor will give you the skill and confidence to be a spontaneous person who is guaranteed to be a good time.

Eye Contact

This seemingly small detail is a very important element of attraction. In fact, Psychology Today lists arousal as one of the "five secret powers of eye contact". While dancing, you will spend a lot of time gazing into your partner's eyes. Eye contact serves the practical purpose of preventing you from swiveling your head around and becoming dizzy, and also has the advantage of turning up the heat a bit. As awkward as it can be, maintaining sizzling eye contact will be effortless after a few ballroom dance classes.


If you have the confidence to literally sweep someone off their feet and show them your best moves, then you have the confidence to do anything. Going up to flirt with that cutie in the corner will be a breeze when you've already checked your nerves at the dance floor. Nothing is more sexy than a man who oozes confidence.

Whether you're looking to reignite an old flame or spark a new one, ballroom dancing may be just what you need to put all your sexiest traits on display. We offer a variety of classes to fit your needs, so contact us today to get started.