The First Moves You'll Make as Husband and Wife


So you've taken the first step and found the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. Now the next step you take, should be on the dance floor. Not to revamp old school moves like the sprinkler and running man; those are great as your wedding night progresses, but for your first dance, it's time to bring out the professionals. The professionals of the elegance and style of ballroom dancing.

The Magic of Ballroom Dancing

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special from beginning to end, so it's important to make the in-between parts magical. Magic is just what you think of when you see an elegant couple gliding across the dance floor in what can only be achieved by mastering the skills of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing evokes memories of fairy tales and images of royalty. Your wedding day is a very special occasion. Why not make it the fairy tale of your dreams? For your big day, and any other day that you'd like to be, you are royalty. Dance like it.

Creating Timeless Memories

Taking professional dance lessons can take you from two left feet to competition worthy moves. So don't worry if you've never danced before. Professional lessons will have you swaying and stepping in time for your big day, but don't wait too long to start. Give yourself a chance to get comfortable, and allow instructors to bring out the best dancer that's hiding inside of you. You and your partner will wow your onlookers and have first dance memories that you can be proud of for years to come. Ballroom dancing is not only classy but classic. It's absolutely timeless. It's also one of the most romantic ways to express the feelings of your heart through the movement of your body, while your partner is close and in sync with you. Don't let this moment be mediocre; these are the first moves that you will make after saying, "I do." 

Let the professionals show you how to express your heart through dance.