Make a Romantic Gesture with New Dance Skills


Sometimes couples are mismatched when it comes to wanting to dance.  Someone who loves to swing might marry someone who feels more comfortable running a marathon. One lover lives to tango, but the other can't find the rhythm. Often these couples have great relationships with many other shared interests, but they struggle to find a way to hit the dance floor together.

Dance Lessons

If you're the one holding your couple back, then what better way to make a romantic gesture than to take some dance lessons?

Dancing can be easy to learn with a great professional teacher. Often people feel uncomfortable dancing because they don't know the "right moves."  Taking the time to learn some of the basics will increase your confidence. If you are taking the time to surprise someone you love then you have a great motivation to get over your fears or discomfort, and you will see how much fun dancing can be.

Dancing Styles

It's a good idea to talk to your teacher to help select a style that you and your partner would most enjoy. If you are looking to be romantic, consider learning the Waltz or Foxtrot, the slower, smoother styles of ballroom dance.  If you want something a little sexier, Latin dances would work. Swing dancing and other social dances are also good lesson options, and they make great hobbies for couples wanting to spend time together doing something active.

Date Night

The last step of your surprise is planning the date itself. There is no need to make it a huge event with family, friends, and professional photography (although if you're up for it, then that does sound fantastic!). For a simple gesture, you could push back the furniture at home, turn on the music, and then just hold out your hand. If you're looking to be more adventurous, try choosing a local restaurant, club or social event with an open dance floor. Whatever your approach, imagining that moment when you see the joy in their eyes can make all the work worth it.

We have special offers for new students, so contact us for more information, and let our professionals help you get started planning a gift your special someone will never forget.