Smaller, Casual Wedding Dance Ideas


Are you planning a smaller, casual wedding, and wondering how to still have a romantic dance? These ideas might help you plan the perfect wedding dance while staying true to your theme of keeping things simple:

Choose a style you love:

Instead of learning specific choreography or something dramatically different than you're used to, pick a style of dance that you enjoy together as a couple. Whenever the moment is right, you can hit the dance floor and make it fun without a big announcement. Taking lessons to brush up on your skills and learn some new moves can help you feel more confident on your special day. Professional instructors could teach you how to end with a dip or something memorable so that your dance will still feel unique.

Don't worry about "the" song:

Planning a specific playlist or choosing a song full of meaning might feel overwhelming, especially if you are trying to keep things casual. Letting the DJ know what kind of music you like, or asking the band to send you a playlist can take out some of the stress of trying to find "the" song. After reviewing the list together you can get a feel for what songs might be fun to try. Don't forget to check with your dance teacher if you are worried about how your style works with your options!

Dance without a dance floor:

Intimate spaces often don't have a formal dance floor, but that doesn't mean you have to skip this romantic moment. Guests will love watching you take a few minutes to dance together, even if general dancing isn't part of the plan. Use what little space you can find, and remember that this is more about moving together than whether you are showing off your best moves.

If you're a couple choosing to reduce the size of your event, it might make sense to scale down your wedding dance, but that doesn't mean it needs to disappear. With a little planning, you can still make it an unforgettable memory. Contact us for information about our dancing lessons, and how a professional teacher can help you get set for your (smaller) big day.