Ready to Cross Ballroom Dancing Off of Your Bucket List?


The Bucket List

Life has gotten pretty monotonous and predictable for you, so it is time for a change, isn't it? If it is time to consider crossing another experience off of your bucket list, ballroom dancing is a marvelous place to start. No matter your gender, marital status, or experience level, ballroom dance is for everyone. 

Maybe there are reasons why you have not tried it yet? Money, time, no rhythm? No partner? Partner doesn't like to dance? I get it. Sometimes I hold myself back too. Now is the time to take the excuses and throw them out the door. Do you want to spend your life living with regret? Get that list out and start from the top. 

There is something inclusive and fulfilling about learning to feel the rhythm and match your footing and movements to the music. Coordination and steps take practice, even if you are a natural. Before you know it, you will be sweeping the dance floor as graceful as the rest. Your instructor will guide you and teach you, so that you will feel comfortable. You can partner with a stranger, someone special to you, or just a friend or family member and have fun! You can go once, or you can take classes and compete, there are so many opportunities to explore

Life is so short, and our culture is fast-paced. It is so easy to fall into the trap of a routine that gets boring and rigid. Working is good; it makes you money. But what good is working to get money if you cannot enjoy it? Self-care is just as important. Dancing and getting your body moving, while being with others is an ideal way to bring some spice back into your life and take care of yourself physically and emotionally. The only thing you will regret is not saying yes to living your best fulfilling life.