Used to Be Great? 3 Tips to Get Back on the Dance Floor


It happens more often than you'd think, but people who are great dancers can even be afraid to take classes. The scenarios vary, but being good at something doesn't mean the nerves or self consciousness magically disappear. Imagine someone who danced when they were young, then life took hold and they haven't been to a dance class for 20 years (give or take). What happens when they step back onto the dance floor? 


Discouragement. That's what happens.


When you remember being good at something, it can be discouraging to start back at the beginning. And it keeps people from pursuing something they really love! That's a shame, and what we're trying to combat here at the Quick Quick Slow studio! Here are three tips to get you back on the dance floor and loving your moves again.


1. Give ballroom a try. 

Not many people grow up ballroom dancing. (If you're one of the few, then skip to #2.) Even if you were a ballet rockstar or a child dance diva, the moves and choreography in ballroom dancing will be different than your prior training. That's a good thing, because it'll feel different to your body as well. You won't be tempted to think, "But I used to be able to do this so easily!" because it's all new. Dive into the learning process again and you'll pick it up quickly!


2. Focus on the fun. 

Dancing is meant to be fun. Dancing enhances the joy of life and creates smiles at every turn. (Don't forget it's great for your health too!) When you worry too much about what you look like or what other people might think, you set yourself up to miss the joyful moment. Truth is, nobody has time to critique you because they're all learning the moves too. When you focus on enjoying the movement and the moment, any self consciousness melts away. Allow yourself to play and enjoy without needing things to look certain way. 


3. Bring a friend. 

Bringing someone with you can serve two purposes. First, everything is more fun with friends and you'll feel less awkward if you've got a buddy. Second, if you bring a friend (possibly a husband or boyfriend) who is clumsier than you, you'll be able to focus more on helping them than worrying about what you're doing. That might not be the nicest thing to say, but it will definitely take the focus off your own skill level! We've seen it work before, and everyone ends up having a great time. (Just try not to flaunt your skills too much! You want your buddy to stick with it!)


While these tips aren't ground breaking, sometimes it's best to focus on the simple things in a different way. We all resist things we know we'll love, because we want to buffer ourselves against any criticism. If you're someone who's resisted taking a dance class because you used to be good, take a chance and come in for a class. You'll finally answer that call to dance again and end up coming back for more. Click here to learn more about our classes and schedule.