Dance Lessons For Shy People

Dance lessons are a great way to help you break out of your shell and build confidence in yourself

Dance lessons are a great way to help you break out of your shell and build confidence in yourself

Why do we dance?

There are a million reasons and the reasons differ from person to person. For most people, we dance because we love it, and because it brings us joy. The other question is, why don't we dance? Perhaps because we feel awkward or clumsy, or just not good enough. Or in some cases, because we are shy.

Shyness is a form of anxiety and is often confused with introversion, which is a personality trait, although there is some overlap. Shy people tend to feel worried or awkward during social encounters. This is especially true when the shy person is in a social situation with unfamiliar people. Shy people become anxious about how others view them and they often withdraw from the encounter. Many people feel shy now and then, but in some situations, extreme shyness can keep us from doing something we really want to do. Like dancing. Dance lessons for adults can help you deal with your shyness so that you can enjoy the pleasures of ballroom dancing or other forms of social dance. If you want to take dance lessons, but are uncomfortable with the social aspects, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Plan ahead. Set a small, reachable goal, such as planning to talk to one new person, or attend a social dance party. While you are at a lesson or party, there may be times when you are not dancing, so have topics of conversation prepared. Do your best to talk about something of general interest. Avoid awkward jokes. Be available to potential partners, so stand towards the front, near the dance floor, rather than in the corners or the back of the room. Smile and use friendly body language.

When dancing, look at your partner now and then. Try not to criticize or appear disapproving. You are both learning. Your partner will make mistakes. So will you. When the dance is over, remember to thank your partner.

If you are nervous about starting dance lessons, there are lots of options. Choose dances that you want to learn. If you are uncomfortable with lots of strangers, take private lessons until you feel more confident. Ask a friend or family member to take lessons with you. Or you can arrange for group dance lessons with people already know.

You can dance. We are here for you. For more information on dance lessons, contact us.