Dress codes for men decoded- The devil is in the details for evening wear

Be sure you are dressed to impress when it comes time for your next formal ballroom event.

Be sure you are dressed to impress when it comes time for your next formal ballroom event.

Spanning centuries, "White Tie"is known as the pinnacle of formal attire for men. Not unlike the protocol for full military dress, the civilian code is also rigid. Black tie is simply a small step down in man's evening wear requirements.

If your invitation states "White tie" prepare yourself for an over-the-top gala studded with haute couture and graceful waltzes. Yes, a top hat and tails, just like in an old Fred Astaire movie.  A reputable men's clothier most definitely is in order. Unless you are "to the manor born" these affairs are rare, and renting the outfit makes perfect sense.

A black (and in some fashion circles, deep navy) jacket, waist length in the front and to the knees in the back tops a white waistcoat with a matching bow tie over a white shirt. This pairs with trousers sporting a textured stripe down the outside of the leg.

Accessories include patent leather shoes, high-quality shirt studs and cufflinks and button on suspenders. If you really want to "Put on the Ritz", add a pocket watch and white kid gloves.

For a semi-formal, or black tie function, a  black bow tie and cummerbund and a traditional tuxedo fills the bill. If dancing is your passion, or you are on every body's "A" list and plan to attend lots of formal dinners and gatherings, by all means purchase a tux.  Having this as an integral part of your wardrobe works for cruise ship dinners, fancy weddings and official ceremonies of any kind.

These formal dress codes for men  are considered  the benchmark in etiquette and fashion protocol. If you are lucky enough to receive some fancy  invitations, contact us for a quick refresher course in the basics of slow dancing. We are convenient ,affordable and ready to help you have some fun.