Find romance again at a ballroom dance studio

Your spouse looks at you with affection but the fires of passion have died down to a glowing ember.The love is there, but you rarely get to express it between soccer practice, homework and bedtime routines.

Find romance again at a ballroom dance studio

Find romance again at a ballroom dance studio

You have a scheduled date night because you can't afford to let that ember grow cold. One night each week you make an effort and go out to dinner and a movie. Now date night has become dull as well, so what's next?  

Why not try something fun like learning ballroom dancing? Not only is it a perfect activity for couples to share, but it's a healthy activity that gets you moving, laughing and, (very important), touching.

There are many ways that couples dancing can improve your relationship. Dancing with another takes cooperation. And while you are learning to execute steps in harmony, you are building a partnership. However, this partnership is just for the two of you and very different than the one you've built as parents together.

Moving to music, touching as you dance and giving your full attention to your life partner is the perfect way to reconnect. You may not be talking about the office or the kids, but keep in mind that the majority of communication is actually non-verbal.

Don't give up date night but try dancing with the one you love at a ballroom dance studio and drop the dinner and a movie habit. Whether you are learning the waltz, the tango, or the salsa you will be face-to-face, touching, rekindling those flames and having a wonderful time together.   

Call Amber, the sixteen-year-old who lives down the street or maybe Grandma Betty to watch the kids, and contact us at Quick Quick Slow Dance Studio to find out more.