Fun and Helpful Tips for Your First Ballroom Dance Class

Ballroom Dance Class - Senior couple shake hands with an instructor at their first ballroom dance class

Fun and Helpful Tips for Your First Ballroom Dance Class

So you've signed up for your first ballroom dance class and you're ready to step into the wild unknown. First off, congratulations! You have already taken that brave first step toward a new, challenging, and exciting adventure. Still, you may be wondering about the specifics of your initial experience. We are here to answer those burning questions!

What to Bring 

In general, your first introduction to ballroom dance does not require any special equipment. Pack a water bottle and a light snack for later, as you will burn extra calories. Along with that, bring your fun and open attitude, and a sense of humor. A positive mental state will take you far!

What to Wear

It's not a requirement to dress up for dance classes. However, it is a wonderful opportunity to dress nicely and put your best foot forward. Being put together and presentable is a feeling that everyone can appreciate.

Usually, dance shoes are not required for a first lesson. Consider something form fitting yet comfortable with a sole that will not mark the dance floor. If the studio does require dance shoes, many options and styles are available. (When in doubt...ask!)

Ladies, if you have long hair, consider wearing it up to avoid having it accidentally pulled by other new dancers you may be dancing with. 

What to Expect

Many classes begin with a brief introduction and a short warm up. You can expect to hear some great tunes as you are learning those first steps and sequences. It's common to rotate dance partners frequently over the course of the class. If you brought your own partner in tow, it's likely you will dance with that person at the end of the rounds! At the end, you'll probably walk away with a few sequences at the ready to practice on your own.

One more thing to count on is that you will have a new or renewed love of the art of dance and you will be hungry for more! Those nerves from the beginning will melt away and you will be eager to take the next step.

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