Give the Gift of Dance with Ballroom Dance Lessons

Whether they are enrolled in casual lessons or serious competitions, people of all ages are discovering the fun of ballroom dancing. Media exposure such as this recent Boston Globe article, paired with popular TV shows including “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” has refocused public attention on formal dancing as a hot trend—and one that’s not going away any time soon.

 Ballroom dance lessons are the perfect gift idea for many occasions. For one thing, it’s become popular to give gifts of experience rather than material items that create a lot of clutter. Dance lessons are a versatile gift because a single friend, a couple, and even a group can take lessons together. As a gift idea, ballroom dancing lessons are not only fun, but also great exercise for anyone, and, as the above-mentioned article points out, good therapy for aging baby boomers.

 Ballroom dance lessons make an ideal:

  •  Birthday gift for anyone. Buy them something they wouldn’t buy for themselves
  •  Anniversary gift for your spouse or significant other. Spark some romance with a special activity for just the two of you
  •  Anniversary gift for your parents or friends. Give a thoughtful and fun present to that special couple who wants some time to focus on one another.
  • Gift for an engaged couple or other family members in preparation for their wedding. It’s always fun to watch a choreographed first dance, and others in the wedding party are more likely to participate if they feel confident in their dancing skills.

Ballroom dance lessons are a great way to meet new people and to socialize. Forget hanging out in bars or clubs waiting to meet the right person. Encourage any singles (and couples) that you know to get out there and make new friends. For some private lessons, you can even bring a group of up to four people.

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