Heart Healthy Fun Dance Lessons For Couples

Dance lessons are a great way for you and your partner to have fun and get fit at that same time.

Dance lessons are a great way for you and your partner to have fun and get fit at that same time.

Wanting to tighten and tone? Need to lose a few pounds? Looking for some heart-healthy aerobics?

But the thought of crunches on the living room floor or push ups at the local gym sounds boring? Would you rather just have fun?

Why not dance?! Never danced before? Not a problem. Dancing is for anyone and everyone. You just need to join in. You can contact us here any time.

Bring your partner and enjoy learning together from qualified, professional dance instructors. Meet new people and make new friends.

Ballroom and Latin style dancing go hand-in-hand with any fitness goals. Doctors recommend dance especially for its heart-healthy aerobic exercise. Think Salsa!

It’s just plain fun! You and your partner will be gliding, stepping and even zooming across the dance floor together to the music. A medley of great music for dancing awaits you. Makes the gym sound pretty boring doesn’t it?

Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio offers all of this and more. There is social dancing for those just starting out, or who want to brush up, or who just want to have some fun and social time at the dance parties.

Make your date night with us! Have dinner out and then join us at the dance studio for an evening of enjoyable dancing with new friends and old. It certainly beats another night on the couch with the tube. You will be energized, refreshed and still sleep well! It is easy to sign up for dance lessons for couples here.

Steps and instruction are all good and even necessary but you make the dance! You will find yourselves creating your own unique style as it goes. Teachers love to see that. To quote Rebecca Bachar: “We are the dance!”