Lessons in Ballroom Dancing - A Great Winter Activity

Welcome to mid-October. The days are getting shorter... Daytime temperatures are getting lower... Nighttime temperatures? Well, I don't even want to go there. Autumn is definitely here, and Winter is nipping at its heels.

The question is; how will New Jerseyans pass the time during those days when they're not enjoying turkey, giving and receiving gifts, or celebrating a new beginning as the calendar turns over?

The Winter Ball - Super Dance Party by Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio

The Winter Ball - Super Dance Party by Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio

In the past you may have taken advantage of the numerous skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing facilities located here in the Garden State as well as our nearby neighbors. These activities are not only fun, they also offer some of the health benefits of any physical activity. And, as a bonus, everyone enjoys the occasional face full of snow, right?

Maybe you're more interested in activities that don't require bundling up like an Eskimo. Perhaps an occasional weekend trip up to New York to do some shopping and take in a play or two. Of course, these short trips usually carry a long price tag, so it may not be very feasible for the average individual or family.

Hitting the casinos in Atlantic City might solve the "long price tag" problem I just mentioned, but the odds of hitting it that big are pretty slim. Remember, when it comes to casino gambling, the odds always favor the house. But all that notwithstanding, blowing off a little steam at a casino is an enjoyable pastime for many, as long as it's done in moderation.

Then there's always movie and pizza night. Everyone loves pizza, don't they? And movies are always fun, right? But I'm sure there are some who are tired of the havoc wrought by space aliens and zombies.

The point is, there are lots of fun things New Jerseyans can do to pass the time this Winter, and we've had a little fun describing some of them. Now I'd like to get a little more serious - but just a little, I promise.

However you may have done so in the past, I encourage you to consider another great option for passing Winter's time. Namely, taking lessons in ballroom dancing. Not only is dancing affordable, it can be enjoyed by individuals and families alike, develops a skill that will last a lifetime, offers many health benefits, provides social opportunities, builds confidence, and many more benefits.

If you'd like to open the door the warm world of ballroom dancing this winter, and continue enjoying this worthwhile pastime for years to come, you can start by taking lessons in ballroom dancing from professional instructors in an elegant dance studio. Contact us online or call 732-617-2442 to get started.