Wedding Dance Lessons - Are You Up To Date?

Getting Ready For Your Wedding - wedding dance lessons update

Getting Ready For Your Wedding - wedding dance lessons update

Your daughter is getting married this spring!!!

You know, as her Father, you will be expected to dance with her and right after her big dance, with her new Husband. Can you stack up?

You may want to get in a few wedding dance lessons, at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio, just to be sure you're as light on your feet as you used to be!

Or, you and Mom can shock everyone when they play that rock and roll that you know they are going to, and get out there and the two of you bust a move!

How memorable will that be to your Daughter? That you cared enough to take a few lessons, not only to make your dance with her unforgettable, but to also make her day spectacular and fun, outside the ordinary wedding details.

But don't let it stop there! Once you feel how fun and fluidly you and your wife can still move together, you may just want to continue with those lessons to bring back that special spark.

After all, what is more intimate or romantic than dancing with the one you love?

Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Anniversary's, all are the perfect times to let your love shine as you glide across the dance floor.

Whether you want to just brush up for the big day, or truly make a statement of love, let the instructors at Quick Quick Slow Ballroom Dance Studio show you how with easy, concise, fun guidance.

contact us today and let your feet do the talking!