Ballroom Dance: A Love Story

Deepening A Relationship through Ballroom Dance

Have you ever admired the fiery passion that's shared between certain dance couples? The powerful magnetism that so many couples exhibit is an inspiration for all. At a live performance, at the social dance, on TV, or in a group class, it's very exciting to witness that devotion come alive between dancers. Sure, sometimes it may be an act in the service of the performance, since dancers are not always coupled off the floor. Frequently, though, the heat is real. Why not cultivate this connection with your own special someone?


Ballroom dance tells a powerful story, shared both between the dancers themselves and to their audience. More often than not, it's a love story. Maybe the story is one of an old fashioned courtship in 3/4 time, or perhaps it's a flirtatious game of cat and mouse. Whatever tale it tells, using these components is a really fun way to enhance your connection and create your own story.

Dance will never fail to rev your engines in new and exciting ways. Creative exercise always lifts the mood, not to mention the heartbeat, and puzzling over those new steps will prove a welcome brain teaser. Study various dance styles and get to know the intricacies of the dances. This is a wonderful way to deepen your bond, no matter how long you've been together.

Social Dancing

Don't forget to show off your skills at the social dance. For many, this is the best part of dancer life and the perfect opportunity to shine together. But your special bond doesn't mean that you shouldn't practice those natural turns and cortes with other dancers. As long as you both feel good about it, you will discover that working with other dancers is a great way to expand and to learn, and ultimately to expand appreciation between you and your primary partner, to whose arms you will always return.

Whether you're single and looking for love, preparing to get hitched or celebrating a lifelong romance, ballroom dance is a foolproof method to enhance closeness.

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