Ballroom Dance: Five Reasons to Get Closer to Your Significant Other

Ballroom Dance: Five Reasons to Get Closer to Your Significant Other

Ballroom dance has rightly earned its place in popular culture in recent times, with the rise of YouTube and TV dance competitions. If you have ever considered living out your dancing dreams with your significant other, now is the time! It doesn't really matter how long your relationship has been blossoming. What is important is that you are both willing to step out and try something new, romantic, and fabulous. Here are five clear advantages to trying ballroom dance:

Ballroom dance lessons make for a completely awesome date night! Even if you are experiencing your very first class together, it is appropriate to dress up a little. Taking the time to get ready and presenting your best self can go a long way toward a sense of closeness between you and your partner, even before you try the first step!

Dance is a fantastic workout! Maybe you've given lip service to working out together in the past. With ballroom dance, you won't even realize you are exercising. Get those heart rates up and feel the heat!

Dancing together fosters a deeper sense of closeness, as you learn and appreciate an age-old creative expression. In earlier times, dance was a form of courtship. Let that that tradition shine through.

Enjoy supporting each other as you grow as dancers. You will likely have some moments of humor. Dance is for everyone, and offers a profound sense of freedom, health and well being.

Tap into your inner performer! Although a career in performance may not be for everyone, dance can bring out the stars in both you and your partner. Many dance schools offer student showcases as an opportunity for you to show off your best moves. Still, even just twirling across the room with your beloved cheek to cheek can feel like a show in and of itself.

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