Ballroom Dance Helps Make the World Go 'Round

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Ballroom Dance Helps Make the World Go 'Round

If you are a practitioner of ballroom dance, or aspire to become one soon, you probably already know that from the lindy hop to the cha cha, dance is much more than just cutting a rug. The health benefits are widely publicized, but take a moment to consider the ways in which dance can actually help society, as well.

Ballroom dance offers a wonderful opportunity to practice manners and etiquette, as well as boundaries - important interpersonal skills that just may have gone by the wayside in recent times. The simple formality of a quick bow and curtsey before the waltz is a demonstration of mutual respect between two people. Politely asking for a dance is also a sign of well wishes for the other person. A refreshing custom, indeed.

Dance helps keep us fit at all ages and abilities. Did you know that it also helps keep your brain fit? Putting the puzzle pieces of a new dance together is as good as the Sunday crossword. Studies show that it helps mental function also. And, of course, it's sure to improve your mood.

Ballroom dance is a great excuse to get dressed up. Whether you're heading out to your first east coast swing class, the local social dance or your appearance at Nationals, it's always appropriate to dress your best. Not required, mind you, but there's definitely an open invitation. In other words, nobody will do a double take at those suede heels. Well... ok, maybe they will if you're dancing swing.

Dance is a wonderful outlet for creative expression. It can bring out the fire in you, if you let it. In dramatic contrast to "exercise," its much duller relative, ballroom dance is a cardio workout wrapped in a fabulous crystal-studded ball gown.

Ballroom dance represents a cultural melting pot, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate the common language of movement. Most of your favorite dances, like the tango and the waltz, for example, are a happy marriage of many steps from various cultures around the world.

Finally, it's no secret: ballroom dance is great for strengthening social relationships. As we learn more ways to practice effective skills for listening, we become better able to communicate. Whether you have a steady partner, like to fly solo, or to shop around, dance is great for relationships and society by extension.

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