Ballroom Dance Lessons & Other Unique Anniversary Gifts

Happy anniversary couple dancing

Happy anniversary couple dancing

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is an important reminder of a couple's vows to love one another and share life together. Looking for a unique anniversary gift to give your spouse? Here's a list of seven fabulous anniversary ideas to make the day even more special!

  1. Ballroom Dance Lessons - Many couples want to learn dancing, but don't know where to start. Professional lessons for beginners or intermediates are a great way to try something new together! Contact us for more details.
  2. Weekend Getaway - Spending time together is not always easy for couples in our busy modern society. Surprise your spouse with a weekend getaway trip for two.
  3. Wedding Portrait Painting - Hire an artist to paint a portrait based on photos from your wedding day. This gift is sure to bring beautiful memories to your home for years to come.
  4. Music Concert - Keep a lookout for upcoming music concerts in your area that your spouse might enjoy. Buy early for the best seats.
  5. Puppy or Kitten - Giving a live pet can be an adorable anniversary gift, but be sure your spouse actually wants an animal before you buy. A few months before the anniversary, start asking probing questions like, "Would you ever want a cat or dog?" and "What type of animal do you think makes a good pet?"
  6. His n Hers Fingerprint Jewelry - Have a necklace, cufflinks, ring, or pin custom made featuring your fingerprints! When you buy, a fingerprint collection kit will be sent to you. Wrap up the kit along with a photo of the intended product to give on the anniversary date.
  7. Memory Book - Have a personalized illustrated book made showcasing the many reasons you love him/her and highlighting some of the best memories you've shared. This is also fun for kids and grandkids to flip through later.

Whatever gift you choose for your anniversary, be sure to focus on your spouse more than the gift. Fix him/her a glass of their favorite drink, give a back massage, and add an element of surprise and romance to the day.