Choosing a Dance Partner for Classes

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Choosing a Dance Partner for Classes

It is common for couples to sign up together for ballroom dance classes, but for those of us without that option, here are some qualities to look for when choosing a great dance partner! 

Open to new experiences

      Ballroom dancing comes with its own culture as well as its own movements. Beginners will likely be unfamiliar with the etiquette that comes with competitions, classes, and social dances. It is best to choose a partner who is open to new experiences, meeting different people, and learning a new set of manners. 

Physically fit and compatible

     Ballroom is less strenuous than some types of dancing, but still raises the heartbeat and requires delicate footwork, balancing weight, and some strength. Choose a partner who is physically able to function with this level of exercise. Additionally, it would be best to dance with someone you feel physically comfortable with, as dancing requires that you be in physical contact. 

Good communication

    As with any team activity, it is important to work with others who have good communication skills and are able to respond positively to constructive criticism. Do not choose a partner who snaps at you and becomes offended if you point out an error. Make sure this is a person you feel comfortable communicating with, and someone who is not overly critical of you. 

Able to Handle Stress

   Competing, performing, and even attending a social dance can all be highly stressful for inexperienced or self-conscious dancers. Make sure your prospective partner will be able to handle that type of stress. Someone who is able to laugh at mistakes but also learns from them would be an ideal dance partner. 

If you have a partner picked out and you are ready to get started, please contact us! We'll get you out on the floor in no time.