Dance Lessons: A Successful First Date

Young couples dancing at a party

Young couples dancing at a party

Following the unimpressive dating scenes, it is no wonder why many people are claiming that "dating is overrated." When you have been in the house watching movies all week, going to the movies to watch another may not be a suitable date; neither is going out to eat when you love to cook and you are able to entice your date with an extraordinary meal. So what are some ideas that you can come up with, so that both you and your date are able to get out of the house, and cherish the day?

If you both are adventurous, doing something wild and extreme may be fun, but extreme outdoor activities (like hiking, bungee jumping, or parachuting out of a plane), can end your time together quicker than it was started. Besides someone getting injured, if the two of you decide to plan an activity in which competition is involved- be aware of possible jealousy, a sore loser, and boasting; there's nothing more annoying than an egotistical first date. So, it can kind of makes since to why many people think dating is overrated, especially if they are consumed by the decisions of planning a date alone; but realistically, it isn't.

Who doesn't like dancing?

Dancing is not only fun, but healthy, and a great way for any age group to get in shape. Flexibility, strength, endurance, and a sense of well being is all implemented into dancing. Signing you and your date up for dancing lessons (regardless, if you can dance or not) can benefit the both of you. For example, ballroom dancing lessons easily can set the two of you on an intimate level, and show how well you work together. You can even spice your time up with Latin Salsa dance lessons (or others), that can also do the same. From dance lessons alone, you can tell you if you and your date make a good team (or even great dance partners). Dancing together can have you breaking the ice quickly and into a zone. Whether you enjoy your time or not, you will have experienced (or learned) something new that you may be able to do again when you find Mr. or Mrs. Right for your wedding date.

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