"Dancing with the Stars" Season 25 - What we can learn from the final four

Illustration with star shapes and bright light. Dancing with the stars final four concept

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 25 - What we can learn from the final four

Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars is almost over!  But, who will win?  America has voted and the answer will come soon enough.  But, until that happens let's take a quick look at the final four and what we can learn about dancing from each one.

Frankie Muniz- Hard work pays off.

Week after week, Frankie Muniz manages to shock us.  Watching the video packages before each dance can sometimes be almost painful as he stumbles through steps.  Yet, when he gets up to perform, he always surprises the audience and the judges.  Somehow within the week, he manages to pull it together.  How?  He works so hard!  As the audience, we only see a small piece, but I imagine that he runs his dances over and over until he could do it in his sleep.  His innocence and naiveté paired with that hard work just may take him all the way into "Mirror Ball" heaven!

Drew Scott- Enthusiasm can go a long way.

Drew Scott is tall, lanky, and his dancing is often awkward.  Yet, he's in the finale of Dancing with the Stars.  It's all about his enthusiasm!  Each week Drew Scott comes out with a smile on his face, and joy in his heart.  And guess what?  All of that totally shows in his dancing.  He's the kind of dancer you want to watch and in terms of a reality television show, he's the kind you want to win simply because he is the underdog.  

Lindsay Stirling- Dance, first and foremost, is an art form.

Each week, Lindsay Stirling and Mark dance really well.  They've been consistently scored high all season long.  However, the thing that sets Lindsay apart is her ability to create true art.  Whether it be a Halloween inspired robot piece, or a dance about her father passing, the audience feels something when she dances.  Steps are important and timing is great, but if the audience or judges don't feel anything in your dance, your scores will always fall short.  Lindsay just has that magic quality.

Jordan Fisher- Ballroom Dancing is all about trust in your partner.

We're lucky this season to have seen some amazing partnerships.  In fact, all four dancers featured in the finale have created awesome bonds with their partners.  Still, none have been quite as solid as Jordan and Lindsay's.  Their brother/sister like chemistry manages to melt the audience's heart each week.  They just look so sincere in their friendship and they encourage each other in the best kind of way.  Isn't that really what ballroom is about?  Jordan Fisher already had the talent and experience on his side, but the trust that he and Lindsay have created just may be the thing that pushes him over the edge.

We'll know the winner soon enough.  Still, in the end, they all learned something and they all are leaving this journey better than when they started.  If you'd like to have more information about taking your own Ballroom dance classes, contact us!  Just like the celebrities on dancing with the stars, think how much you could learn!  It's so much more than just dancing!