From Hop to Swing! West Coast Style

West Coast Swing Dance - swing dancing lessons

From Hop to Swing! West Coast Style

Swing dancing is one of those great upbeat dance styles which covers a wealth of fun and exciting moves. East Coast swing and West Coast swing are two different styles of dancing. Both are exceptionally fun and fast moving but West Coast swing in particular is a great beginners swing dance to learn. Simple, straight line steps are built upon and improvised until a whole spectrum of dance moves are added to a routine. If a beginner can learn the first simple steps, they can see fast improvement and be on the dance floor in no time at all! 

West Coast Swing received its name from its popular beginnings in California during the 1950's. The period after WWII found people wanting to infuse their lives with more joy and happiness. What better way than on the dance floor! West Coast Swing spread like wildfire through the dance halls of the West Coast and eventually across the nation. Arthur Murray is considered to be one of the founders of the style of West Coast Swing. His wildly popular Sophisticated Swing dance began a new era with fresh dance moves. Local West Coast residents say the dance became popular all over and could be seen almost anywhere on the West Coast during the 1950's.

The Lindy Hop is another dance also believed to be associated with West Coast swing. Beginning in the 1920's and 1930's out of Harlem, New York, the Lindy Hop was considered a new form of dance with origins dating back to African traditional dance. The footwork and style which could be both upbeat or toned down made the Lindy a varied and fun dance.  Both the Lindy and West Coast swing have been popular ever since their start and ballroom dancing has benefited from their lively steps and forms of expression. Socially, West Coast swing and other swing dances are great ways to connect and express the joy of relationships, the fun of dance itself and a great way to break into ballroom dancing. For more information on West Coast swing and other forms of dance contact us!