The Secret to Star Power

Electric couple does the tango

Electric couple does the tango

The Secret to Star Power

Have you ever wondered why certain dancers captivate you even as they perform something as simple as a basic two-step? What is it that makes some performers so electric? Well, in short, it's a combination of attitude, training, and stage presence that adds up to "star power". It's not as elusive as you think, either. With the right recipe of top-notch adult dance lessons and a little understanding, you, too, can capture your audience with more than poise and grace. 

The recipe for star power is fairly basic, but it's up to you to bring the motivation and push the boundaries of your craft. Below, are the top attributes that make up star quality.

1. Knowledge

The first key to star power is having the knowledge necessary to perform at your highest level. This does not only apply to the steps and movement, but also to knowing your own body and capabilities. 

2. Commitment

There's nothing quite as enthralling as watching a dancer who is committed to their performance from start to finish, leaving no doubt that they are bringing their heart, mind, and soul to the dance. Commitment is akin to a surety that makes the performer all the more alluring.  

3. Energy

The energy you put into your performance can be seen and felt by an audience. Whether you are dancing a fiery tango or a cool polka try to bring explosive energy to everything you do.

4. Focus

Focus and energy tend to go hand in hand. Focus is the ability to direct the intensity of your energy to create an arc of emotion or story through your dancing. 

5. Fearlessness

Having no fear on the dance floor goes beyond confidence. It is the ability to leave your inhibitions at the door and leap into the music, leap into the moment. 

6. Mastery

Not to be confused with knowledge, mastery indicates a level of performance that can overcome missteps. Perfection is not a common human trait, but mastery of the material means the ability to make a mistake look choreographed before finding your way back into the rhythm.   

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