The Top 3 Hidden Benefits of Ballroom Dance Lessons for Couples

Couple happily ballroom dancing

Couple happily ballroom dancing

The Top 3 Hidden Benefits of Ballroom Dance Lessons for Couples

If you've been a couple for a long time—especially if you are married—you may have difficulty remembering the last time you took a spin around the dance floor. For some couples, this may have been at their wedding. For others, who knows. Further, most people's idea of couples dancing is simply holding each other while swaying back and forth, not unlike those good old prom days.

Today's dance clubs are more geared toward singles meeting other singles in pursuit of a one-night stand or another meaningless fling. True couples' dancing is far more intimate, and this underscores the importance of taking ballroom dancing lessons together.

Among the greatest hidden benefits of dance lessons for couples include:

1. Rekindling your romance

Learning to dance requires time and commitment—like a relationship—and who better to motivate and help than your partner who is also going through the same novelty. Additionally, dancing helps you relearn all of those qualities about your spouse that made you fall in love with him/her in the first place.

2. Getting fit/Losing weight together

After years together, couples may grow a bit lax in the fitness and diet department. After all, you've got the love of your life, so what’re a few late-night meals, marathon movies on the sofa, and ice cream in bed? Taking ballroom dance lessons provides the opportunity to share a new fitness regime that is more fun than work.

3. Having fun

Regardless of which dance (or dances) you are learning, dancing is fun. While it is common for interests to change over the years making some couples feel as though they are in a rut, dancing can provide a new avenue to have fun together.

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