Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Song

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Song - Young couple is listening music on their mobile phone choosing their perfect wedding song

Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Song

Some of your favorite memories from planning your wedding will be the decisions you and your partner make together. When you both take an interest in deciding something fun, like the song you'll dance to for the first time as a married couple, it helps remind you what all of the planning is for. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your first dance song.

Do you have a song that is meaningful to you both?

 Some couples remember the song that was playing the first time they kissed or the song that was on when they met and choose to incorporate that into their wedding. It will add a sentimental touch for you both and it's not something your guests would know unless you told them, so it will feel extra special because it's just between the two of you.

Play on your location.

If you are getting married in a location special to you, e.g. the city where you met or the town you moved to together, consider searching for songs about that location. Many local artists write songs about their hometowns and you may come across lyrics that hold true for you and your partner, as well. If you're having a destination wedding, find a song from the local culture as an added tribute to how special that place is. It will be fun to listen to that song on your anniversaries down the road and be transported back.

Consider the tempo.

Discuss with your partner if there is a certain dance style you'd like to do for your first dance. A fun, fast-paced swing dance? Maybe not, if you're wearing a dress with a long ball gown skirt; something slow may be a better fit.

Consider the venue.

Many couples have taken to involving their entire wedding party in their first dance as a way to set a lively and fun mood for the reception. This is great! Guests love to be entertained by fun wedding parties. If this is something you decide to do, make sure to think about the size of the dance floor and the layout of the room. Your guests will most likely approach the dance floor to watch, so keep crowding in mind and ensure you have enough room for a large group dance.

Take lessons!

Once you've chosen your perfect song, or even before, sign up to take dance lessons with your partner. It's a wonderful bonding experience for the two of you and you will guarantee memories of the perfect first dance as a married couple.

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