Why do we love Ballroom Dancing?

May I have this dance? Cute young couple in a ballroom dancing class about to dance

Why do we love Ballroom Dancing?

Watching a professional dancer perform can be inspiring, but for many of us, professional dancing is likely to only happen in our daydreams. What is it that makes us love to dance for fun, not just as a career and calling?

When we asked a variety of dancers what it was about dance that made them most excited about dance, here were some of the amazing responses. After all, loving to dancemeans different things to different people. 

Dance is a Mood Enhancer

Naturally, when we spend some time moving and grooving, our negative emotions tend to fall away. Dancer A.W. explains why she makes time for her favorite dance classes:

I do fitness dance because it helps regulate my moods. A good dance class high can last me several days. Especially in the winter time, dance is essential for my mental health!

It makes sense: we want to feel good, and practicing our favorite steps or freeform dancing is a great way to do that.

Dance Helps Us Get Out of Our Brains for a While

Many of us spend all day in school or at work or taking care of others, and that can really bog our brains down. Dance is a way to do something utterly different, to reset our minds. Dancer K.L. explains it this way:

My feelings about dance are both really simple and really complicated, actually. I started loving dance because I'm hyper-intellectual, always up in my head, and dance gave me an escape from my brain. It's really grounding, lets me feel my body. But there's also this aspect of conquering the body, conquering gravity... It's freeing, maybe, but more than anything, it's hard work with concrete results.

When we feel like we are taking control of our bodies and making some progress toward a goal, like a complex dance routine, we feel like we are accomplishing something important.


Dance Gives us a Connection to Music

Many of us love music but don't play it ourselves very often; one of the most important aspects for dancers is the way it connects them to music. Dancer N.C. finds herself unable to stand still in the presence of music:

I used to dance as an amateur, and I just loved learning new things and moving to the beat of the music. When music is on my body and brain, I just feel better if even just a finger is wiggling to it. Music makes me want to be part of it somehow. It's nice to know moves that look good and go with music. I also just dance around at home and I love moving to the music again there!

When we love a song, it pulls a response from us: dance gives us a group of steps to help us express our feelings about music.

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