September is National Ballroom Dance Month

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Here we are, approaching the fall season, watching the leaves change, getting the kids back in school and ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing???? Yep, September is National Ballroom Dance Month, so what better time to celebrate the beauty and precision of ballroom dance? And what better time to enroll in some classes to learn the smooth moves that you have seen on the talent competition shows?

Ballroom dancing has evolved from an activity of the wealthy and priviledged into a competitive sport over the years. With the onset of shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and other amateur competitions, the average fan is prying themselves off the couch and enrolling in ballroom dance classes. From waltzes to the jive, normal folks of all ages are reaping the benefits of dancing.

In addition to the cardiovascular and body toning rewards, dancers are seeing an improvement in bone density and flexibility. They are also reaping the benefits of social interaction, friendship and a healthier self image. And because exercise increases the body serotonin levels, stress levels of dancers decrease substantially. Additionally, the New England Journal of Medicine reports that dancing may even make you smarter! You heard that right! They did a study on the effects of recreational activities on mental acuity in aging and found that those seniors who dance frequently decreased their risk of dementia.

So what better time to start than now? September may signal the end of summer, but it may also herald your new obsession: ballroom dance. So why wait? Contact us to get started! You will be so much smarter!