Lessons in Ballroom Dancing Can Help to Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease

According to a recent National Institute on Aging funded study, featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, regular dancing is one of the most effective ways to combat the mental aging process; in addition to the obvious physical and heart health benefits it provides.

In fact, of all the activities that scientists studied, frequent dancing offered the highest risk reduction for Alzheimer's and dementia diseases than any other activity; including reading, completing crossword puzzles four or more times per week, golf, biking or swimming. Researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine studied people over the age of 75 for 21 years and found that people who engaged in frequent dancing were a whopping 76% more likely to have a reduced risk for the brain problems that can go with aging.

Why is This?

According to several experts that were a part of the study, frequent dancing:

• Keeps both the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus very loose and plastic.

• Encourages the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus to rewire themselves regularly

• Creates a greater cognitive reserve by encouraging complex neuronal synapses

In addition to this, all types of frequent dancing can improve your neural qualities better than just about any mentally engaging activity or educational activity you can think of. So it's a great idea to take whatever lessons in ballroom dancing you think you would enjoy. At Quick Quick Slow, professional instructors can teach you:

Rhythm & Latin Dances like the:

• american style rumba

• cha-cha

• swing

• mambo

• bolero

• samba

• jive

• paso doble

• International style rumba

Ballroom and Smooth Dances:

• waltz

• tango

• foxtrot

• viennese waltz

• quickstep

Social Ballroom Dances (club/street dances) :

• argentine tango

• salsa

• bachata

• hustle

• west coast swing

• merengue

No matter what style of dance you feel drawn to, you will find it here. In addition to lessons, you can also take part in seasonal showcases and other fun activities to show off the skills that you learn. Contact us to sign up for lessons today.