Let's Get Social with Ballroom Dancing

Social Dancing is so much fun!

Social Dancing is so much fun!

Have you gone into a business lately, and felt the hustle and bustle of modern life. Everything is hurried, no time for social graces, conversation, touching, or even real human interaction. Fast food for dinner, atms, automated phone calls, chat roulette, internet dating...

 And what about dancing? The Harlem Shake? Gangnam Style? Twerking? Somehow it doesn't seem quite romantic, entertaining or attractive.

Then there is the ballroom...

You smile, ask their name, take their hand as you lead them to the dance floor, you step and move together, you touch, and you talk. Somehow it all seems so romantic, so entertaining, and looks so very attractive.

Social ballroom dancing was once a way to meet your sweetheart, or spouse. Dancing cheek to cheek, touching a stranger in a socially acceptable way, making conversation, and keeping in step with your partner... what a fabulous way to get to know someone. Through the years, it became less popular as rock and roll made dancing into something different, but something was missing.

Ballroom dancing is making a comeback, and the social factor is a big part of it. It is something you can do together as a couple, a date night, or a way to meet someone new. It is a way to enjoy life for a while, slow down, chat, get to know each other, and look great doing it.When life gets a little too fast, it is nice to slow down and just dance, the Quick Quick Slow way. Let us show you how. Come to a class or a dance party, and see how ballroom dance can change your social life.