Improving Your Mind, Body and Social Life Through Dance

Dancing with Confidence. Woman at a club dancing with confidence after taking ballroom dancing lessons

Improving Your Mind, Body and Social Life Through Dance


Ballroom dancing has a host of ways to socialize and get out there with other dancers. Clubs, celebrations, competitions to name just a few. Dancing in and of itself is a social structure. Being close to a person, being vulnerable to let the other partner lead or follow and coordinating your movements to be in unison are a socially charged connecting point.

Research has indicated that dance can have even larger social benefits than just learning to move gracefully. Dancers are more likely to be confident public speakers, interacting with others, and comfortable in their own self worth. The way a dancer uses their body to move and connect, creates a language in their dance. This language can also be transferred to standing taller, having an air of confidence in their walk and being able to make eye contact with their audience. Nonverbal communication with the body is just as important as verbal.

Dance has been a form of learning to socialize since the beginning of time. Ancient peoples would dance for reasons such as war, celebrations, alliances with tribes and families, spirituality, attracting a mate and much more. It only stands to reason that the tradition of dance continues as a social springboard in our modern day. 

When dancing, you must learn to communicate with your partner and learn to anticipate their next move. Apply this to relationships in life and dancing can even become a way to build better relationships. Perhaps you and your life partner need a new perspective on communication. Dance can help you think differently about expressing communication and how to gracefully respond to one another.

In closing, dance can be socially freeing, a building block for relationships and confidence and an expression of your joy and passion for life. Music and movement are a part of every human being. Connecting with this side of your humanity is important. Dance may set not only your feet and body free, but also your entire life! If you would like to learn more Contact us for more information.