Stepping to the Beat: Heel Height and Ballroom Dance Shoes

Ballroom Dancer's Shoes. Close up of ballroom dancing couple's shoes doing the tango

Stepping to the Beat: Heel Height and Ballroom Dance Shoes

A famous femme fatale once claimed that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Ah, but dancers beg to differ. Ladies are, generally speaking, much friendlier with their shoes.

We have no intention here to leave out the gents, as everyone agrees that they also deserve their finely crafted footwear. But while a gentleman's dance shoes can be more practical, ladies' varieties carry a certain transformative element that is akin to magic. They are frequently constructed with elaborate decoration and style. And let's not forget another distinguishing feature: those irresistibly high heels!

The Burning Question: High or low?

The answer to this may take you by surprise. Both options, and the expansive range in between, are excellent choices for ballroom dancing. You just want to be clear on your aim.

Staying Low

A low heel may work well for the aspirational dancer, for rehearsals, or for any casual dance sessions where the vibe is a little more relaxed. Low heels are also great "training wheels" for working on solo material and getting comfortable dancing on your own. With a more subtle arch and better comfort, you will never sacrifice an ounce of glamour and mystique when you wear low heeled shoes. In fact, they will only serve to accentuate your charms.

If you're after a look with a little more drama for those rondes, try a mid-heeled shoe. Whether you perform the Tango in class or onstage, this could be an ideal choice and a middle of the road fit.


Finally, a high heel is for pulling out all the stops. Welcome to your diva moment, you dancing queen, you! It's true that shoes with higher heels may take a little more practice to master, but luckily, you're probably dancing the Argentine Tango and - well, it takes two. Most of the time, you will have your partner to help aid with the learning curve.

You may choose to save these gems for special occasions, using them only on the dance floor, or you may choose to wear them around the house! (Hey - it's been known to happen.) Either way, your high heeled shoes will not fail to delight. Some styles top at 9 cm, giving you a beautifully pronounced arch with engineered support.

What else should I look for in a pair of ballroom heels?

Dancing shoes should make your inner diva sing, while still providing hours of comfort, superior support, and freedom of mobility. They should also give you adequate traction on the dance floor while not damaging it in any way. The bottom line? Dance shoes should feel like an extension of your body. A glamorous, fabulous extension.

Properly fitted shoes elongate the line of your legs and feet, making you look and feel like a million bucks (at least) all while easing those fluid glides across the dance floor. You should feel transformed in your dance shoes, as though something special will happen each time you put them on your feet. And something special will happen…. You will dance!

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